Bluffs to Springfield

From the yard at Bluffs (MP 465.4), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction and a junction with the Meredosia Branch (formerly a Wabash line from Keokuk), trailing in on the north side, the line heads curvily east, single track, Traffic Control (CTC), maximum speed 50 mph, past Neelys, Morgan, where it becomes straight east, the 10,720 ft. siding at Chapin (MP 457.9), where an erstwhile CB&Q line once crossed and the line turns south-southeast, then east-northeast, and just north of due east, past a detector at MP 453.2 and Markham, turning just south of due east past the flat crossing with the former CB&Q at Jacksonville (MP 447.9), with a 35 mph speed restriction on the crossing, southeast and then east, past the 10,020 ft. siding at Arnold, where the maximum speed has risen to 60 mph, Orleans, a detector at MP 437.6, a spur at Alexander (MP 437.4), Island Grove (MP 433.2), where the maximum speed has dropped to 50 mph, and the 12,222 ft. siding at New Berlin (MP 430.6).

The line turns east-northeast at Bates, where a connection from an erstwhile Chicago, Springfield & St. Louis line once trailed in from the south, past a spur at Curran (MP 433.5), where the maximum speed has risen to 60 mph again, a detector at MP 423.1, "Curran", a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Chicago, Springfield & St. Louis line where the former Chicago & North Western bridges overhead, a line relocation east-southeast, away from the original routing directly east-northeast to Iles, past Cockrell, where the former Chicago & Alton Kansas City line (later Gateway Western) once crossed, but has suffered a similar relocation onto the same track as the former Wabash, with its connection trailing in on the south side, turning east, northeast where the erstwhile Illinois Terminal once crossed the routing, and north-northeast, to trail into the east side of the former Chicago & Alton St. Louis line at Hazel Dell (MP 189.5 on that line), where the line is Two Main Tracks, CTC, with speed limit 79 mph for passenger trains and 60 mph for freights, dropping almost immediately to 60-40 before KC Junction (MP 187.8), where the C&A's KC line once trailed in from the west and the Illinois Terminal once crossed on the flat (and an Illinois Central line still turns away east on that routing) an erstwhile connector from the main IC line once trailed in on the east side, and the line becomes single track, CTC, to the junction at Iles (MP 187.3/416.2), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction, the former Wabash once crossed on the flat, coming from the west-southwest (that original routing), and today's line turns away northeast, still single track, TC, maximum speed 60 mph, turning north on 10th Street, past the yard at Springfield (MP 414.7) and the erstwhile Wabash station in Springfield.