Decatur to Bement

From the junction at Mosser (MP 376.5), where there is a 25 mph speed restriction, the former Wabash Kansas City line trails in from the west, single track, TC, and there are crossovers, the line turns east, Two Main Tracks, TC, past the erstwhile Wabash passenger station, the flat crossing with the Illinois Central at Wabic (MP 375.6), with connectors in the northwest, northeast and southeast quadrants, where the speed restriction drops to 15 mph (for the crossing and to its east), the line becomes single track, TC, again, the former B&O Decatur Yard on the south side and a junction with the former B&O line to Indianapolis, as the former Wabash turns east-northeast, and the former Wabash car shops on the north side, a connection to an IC line on the south side, at the west end of the former Wabash Decatur Yard (MP 375.0), a bridge over that IC line at the east end of the yard, a connector north to a former Illinois terminal line now operated by Norfolk Southern at Brush (MP 372.9), where the maximum speed rises to 60 mph, and the line becomes double track, current-of-traffic (Rule 251), Automatic Block Signals, and a bridge over a reservoir on the ?? River.

The line turns east, and then just north of due east, with the erstwhile IT right-of-way alongside to the north, past detectors at Oakley (MP 367.8), Cerro Gordo (MP 363.7), a detector at MP 359.5, Milmine (MP 359.4), crossovers (30 mph on the crossovers at Veech (MP 357.5), and crossovers (45 mph on the crossovers) at Bement (MP 355.4), where an erstwhile Wabash line once trailed in from the south  and a former Wabash line heads away north (40 mph on the turnout), with the erstwhile IT r-o-w turning with it, on its east side.