Ferguson to St. Louis (May Street & Produce Market)

From the 7,200 ft. siding at Ferguson (MP 12.1), where the erstwhile Wabash line to St. Louis Union Station once turned away south to join (a couple of miles away) the routing now used by the St. Louis MetroLink light rail system, the main line continues east-southeast, single track, Remote Control (CTC), maximum speed 35 mph, past a former crossing with an erstwhile TRRA line, Bervais, a turn southeast past Maclaran (MP 8.3), east-southeast again past a spur at Jennings (MP 7.9), southeast past a bridge over a TRRA line, the yard on the northeast side at Luther (MP 5.1), where Yard Limits and Two Main Tracks start, and there is a connection northeast to the BNSF North St. Louis Yard, and Carrie Avenue (MP 4.2), where the maximum speed has fallen to 10 mph, and a turn south-southeast, past the junction at May Street (MP 3.1), where there is an angled flat crossing, with east quadrant connector, with the TRRA line that provides access both to the Merchants Bridge and the waterfront High-Line, and the remaining ex-Wabash track becomes "Zero Main Tracks", past the yard at St. Louis Avenue (MP 1.6), where there was once a connector southeast to North Market Street on the TRRA High Line, and the End-of-Track at MP 1.4, where there were once facilities for the St. Louis Produce Market.