Moberly to Ferguson

From the junction at Moberly (MP 148.1), where an erstwhile former Wabash branch once trailed in from the north, an erstwhile M-K-T line once headed south, the line reverts to single track, maximum speed 10 mph, there is a yard, and the line to St. Louis separates, on the south side, heading south, from the line to Springfield and Decatur, heading curvily east, the former runs in Yard Limits, maximum speed 25 mph, becoming Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 40 mph before Urbandale (MP 146.4), and then turning southeast, with maximum speed 60 mph, past a spur at Renick (MP 142.3), a detector at MP 140.2, an angled flat crossing with the Kansas City Southern (former gateway Western, and before that Chicago & Alton-CB&Q) at Clark (MP 136.6), and a spur at Sturgeon, where there is a 35 mph speed restriction and the line turns just south of due east.

There is a detector at MP 129.1, where the maximum speed is back to 60 mph, a 10,470 ft. siding at Centralia (MP 124.0), where there is a 25 mph speed restriction, a branch from Columbia, now operated by the Columbia Terminal, trails in from the south, and the KCS comes alongside to the north, a detector at MP 118.2, where maximum speed prevails, the 4,720 ft. siding at Thompson Siding (MP 116.0), Thompson (MP 115.7), a turn east-southeast, Mexico (MP 110.2), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction, a flat crossing with a branch from Fulton trailing into the KCS (which then turns away east-northeast) and a yard, a detector at MP 106.8, where full line speed prevails, the 8,690 ft. siding at Benton City (MP 104.0), a spur at Martinsburg (MP 96.6), and a detector at MP 95.1.

The line turns southeast, past the 6,470 ft. siding at Wellsville Siding (MP 92.8), Wellsville (MP 91.9), the yard at Montgomery (MP 84.2), where there is a 45 mph speed restriction and a shortline from Greystone Park once trailed in from the west, a detector at MP 83.0, where full line speed prevails, and a spur at New Florence (MP 78.8), turning east-southeast past the 8,976 ft. siding at High Hill (MP 75.3), a detector at MP 71.5, a spur at Jonesburg (MP 70.2), a spur at Pendleton (MP 65.7), a detector at MP 63.0, Warrenton, and a spur at Truesdale (MP 59.2), just north of due east past a detector at MP 53.9 and a spur at Wright City (MP 53.9), just south of due east past Foristell (MP 50.5), just north of due east past Wentzville (MP 46.7), where Remote Control (CTC) replaces TWC, ABS, a detector at MP 45.4, and the 14,885 ft. siding at Wentzville Siding (MP 44.0), and curvily east past Gilmore, where the erstwhile St. Louis & Hannibal once trailed in from the north.

There is a detector at MP 37.5, a spur at O'Fallon (MP 36.4), a spur at St. Peters (MP 32.3), where an erstwhile CB&Q line once trailed in from the north, and a detector at MP 27.1, where the line turns southeast, past Elm Point, a spur at St. Charles (MP 23.0), where there is a 30 mph speed restriction through town, a bridge over an erstwhile M-K-T line and the Missouri River, Brotherton, Bridgeton, on a diversion from the original routing, where there were once industrial spurs to the south and the line turns east, a detector at MP 18.0, where full line speed prevails the original routing once crossed, and the line turns southeast to rejoin the original route, a turn east, past a yard on the north side at Robertson (MP 16.9), where there are industrial spurs on the north side, and a yard on the north side Berkeley (MP 14.5), where there is a 25 mph speed restriction and many more industrial tracks to the north before the line turns east-southeast, past Evergreen (MP 14.0), where the maximum speed is 35 mph, southeast and then east-southeast again, to the 7,200 ft. siding at Ferguson (MP 12.1), where the erstwhile Wabash line to St. Louis Union Station once turned away south to join (a couple of miles away) the routing now used by the St. Louis MetroLink light rail system, and the main line continues east-southeast.