Montpelier to Detroit

From the yard at Montpelier (MP 97.4), where the line is heading east-northeast, Two Main Tracks, Traffic Control (CTC), turning northeast, where an erstwhile former Wabash line once headed east, past Mode (MP 93.7), where the line reduces to single track, TC, with a 40 mph speed restriction on the turnout, Kunkle, the 9,128 ft. siding at Alvordton (MP 85.7), where there were once flat crossing with erstwhile Big Four and Toledo & Western lines, the border between Ohio and Michigan, Munson (MP 79.5), the 8,738 ft. siding at North Morenci (MP 73.2), Seneca, Leaf, where the erstwhile DT&I once came alongside to the south, a detector at "Sand Creek" (MP 66.7), Sand Creek, the resumption of 2MT, TC, at Stan (MP 61.2), where that erstwhile DT&I line once crossed on the flat and the line turns north-northeast, the spur at Carter Lumbe. (MP 60.3), the spur at UARCO (MP 60.2), Page (MP 59.8), where the west leg of a former wye turns away north, and a spur at Simplex (MP 59.3).

There is a 50 mph speed restriction on the curve from MP 59.0 to MP 58.4, the yard, 2,672 ft. west siding, and flat crossing (50 mph on the crossing) with the Adrian & Blissfield (former New York central) at Adrian (MP 58.8), with a transfer track between the lines, a turn east and then northeast, with the return of single track, TC, at Raisin Center (MP 54.2), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile New York Central line, Holloway, a spur at MP 46.9, Britton (MP 46.7), where there was once a flat crossing with an erstwhile DT&I line, a detector at Cone (MP 42.5), a spur at Cone Elevator (MP 42.4), the start of double track, Automatic Block Signals, at West Milan (MP 39.8), start of Yard Limits, the yard, 2,671 ft. west siding, and flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the Ann Arbor, at Milan (MP 37.3), where single track, TC, resumes, and the junction (east quadrant connector trailing in) with the AA and the NS Toledo District at MP 37.1.

Yard Limits end at Whitaker (MP 33.4), as the line continues northeast, past Willis, Rawsonville Spur (MP 26.6), where the spur heads away northwest, and a detector at Belleville (MP 25.2), turning just north of due east, past a house track at MP 23.8, the return of double track, ABS, at Belleville (MP 23.2), with a 50 mph speed restriction on the eastbound track, French Landing, the flat crossing (50 mph on the crossing) and southeast quadrant connector with the CSX (former Pere Marquette) and 4,231 ft. east siding at Romulus (MP 19.0), Preston, Hand, Taylor, the start of Yard Limits at MP 10, the yard, flat crossing and junction with the Grand Trunk Western, and start of dark (unsignaled) territory, still double track, at Oakwood Junction (MP 8.7), where the maximum speed drops to 20 mph, the yard at Oakwood (MP 7.0), where a spur heads away northeast (i.e., on the north side), a former PRR line coming alongside to the south, and the flat crossing with the former Michigan Central line from Townline Junction, at Ecorse Junction (MP 5.6).

There is a stretch of 2MT, Remote Control (CTC) over the Rouge Bridge (MP 5.2), where the GTW trails in on the south side, west of the bridge over an inlet serving the Ford River Rouge Plant to the north, the junction with a CSX line heading north on the west leg of a wye to Rougemere Yard, the junction with the east leg of the wye on the north side, and a line turning away northeast, at Delray Junction (MP 4.6), the return of dark territory past the flat crossing with the CSX, NS and GTW (running to the east of that former Wabash line northeast) at MP 4.5, yards to the north and south  at Delray (MP 4.4), with local tracks trailing in from the south, Clark Avenue (MP 2.13), where the maximum speed drops to 10 mph, the flat crossing with the D&W (MP 2.0), and Detroit (MP 0.0), on the line to Fort Street Union Station.