Ustick Tower/Block 224 (Kansas City) to Maxwell

Trains coming off the Hannibal Bridge (from 29th Street and 5th Street) at Ustick Tower (MP 275.0), where there is a connection north to the south end of Murray Yard, turn northeast, Two Main Tracks, CTC, speed limit 35 mph, past a flat crossing with the line off the ASB bridge. Trains coming from the south end of Murray Yard use a line that trails in on the north side at Block 224 (MP 274.5), joining together with the line from Ustick Tower and continuing northeast, with two yard leads on the south side, past many industrial spurs curving away to the north, the NS Avondale Yard (MP 273.3) on the south side, where NS Remote Control is added to the CTC, Block 222 (MP 271.90, where the yard ends, there is a crossover, and the speed limit rises to 50 mph as the line heads just north of due east and an erstwhile CB&Q line once headed north, a bridge over Rock Creek, and an erstwhile bridge over a former line south across the river, as the line comes along the north bank of the Missouri River, turning east-northeast and then just north of due east again, following the riverbank.

The route of an erstwhile Milwaukee Road line comes alongside to the north, and both lines pass the Kansas City Terminal Elevator prior to passing crossovers at Randolph (MP 269.2), where the erstwhile Milwaukee Road line once made a flat crossing to head southeast, with the former CB&Q-Wabash line turning northeast, alongside the former Rock Island-Milwaukee line, to the crossovers and junction at Birmingham (MP 266.6), where the former CB&Q departs to the north and the speed limit on the former Wabash drops to 40 mph, past an angled flat crossing with the former RI-Milwaukee line, which has turned just east of due north, crossovers at West Voltz (MP 265.5), the yard on the north side of the line at Voltz (MP 264.7), and crossovers at East Voltz (MP 264.3), where it turns east-northeast, on the north side of an oxbow lake that was once part of the Main Missouri River, and then just north of due east, past the change from Remote Control to Traffic Control at South Liberty (MP 262.1), where the speed limit has risen to 60 mph, turning northeast again, past detectors at MP 258.0), where the north bank of the Missouri is reached again, and turning east, following the river, with  a speed restriction of 35 mph through Missouri City (MP 256.6), after which the speed limit returns to 60 mph, crossovers and a 6,642 ft. siding at Excelsior Springs (MP 253.6), where an erstwhile Wabash branch to Excelsior Springs once headed north, turning just south of due east to the junction at Maxwell (MP 250.6), where the former Burlington line to Galesburg departs on the north side, heading east, and the former Wabash continues just south of due east.