Bement to Gibson City

From Bement (MP 153.0), where the Detroit line continues east, the former Wabash line to Chicago heads away north (40 mph on the turnout), with the erstwhile IT r-o-w turning with it, on its east side, single track, Traffic Control (CTC), maximum speed 50 mph, but local restriction 45 mph on the curve to MP 152.3, past Sulu, Monticello (MP 145.0), location of a bridge over an erstwhile Illinois Central line, where the line turns just east of due north and the route of the erstwhile IT line turns away east, the 8,986 ft. siding and former flat crossing with an erstwhile Illinois Central line, at Lodge (MP 140.0) and a detector at MP 139.3, a turn north-northeast past Galesville (MP 136.1), MP 133, where the maximum speed drops to 40 mph, the flat crossing with the former Peoria & Eastern at Mansfield (MP 131.2), Blue Ridge, the 8,620 ft. siding at Osman (MP 125.1), Lotus (MP 123.4), where there was once a flat crossing with another erstwhile IC line, Foosland (MP 120.2), Proctor, Tyler, the start of Yard Limits at MP 112.8, and the 5,736 ft. siding and junction (southwest and northwest quadrant connectors and flat crossing) with the former Nickel Plate, which is truncated to the east, and the Illinois Central Springfield line (east side connector and angled flat crossing, south of that with the former NKP) at Gibson City (MP 112.1), where Automatic Block Signals replace TC and the line turns north.