Bridge Junction to WR Tower

From the junction with the TRRA line heading north from Q Tower at Bridge Junction (MP 483.8), formerly a flat crossing between the line heading northeast from the erstwhile former Wabash Yard near the east bank of the Mississippi River, the former Wabash line splits off on the east side of the TRRA line (as the latter becomes the former Chicago & Alton), single track, Yard Limits, maximum speed 10 mph, past a location where the erstwhile St. Louis, Troy & Eastern once split off on the east side, and a junction where the former Alton & Eastern splits off on the east side, turning just west of due north, along the east side of the former Chicago & Alton, past the location of a former flat crossing with an erstwhile former Nickel Plate line east from the erstwhile former Nickel Plate yard along the river and the location of a former flat crossing with an erstwhile former Alton & Eastern yard running east to that former Alton & Eastern line, an erstwhile former Big Four line that once ran in between the former C&A and the former Wabash, and the former Wabash Brooklyn Yard on the east side of the line.

At Brooklyn (MP 483.5), the north end of the yard, an erstwhile East St. Louis Junction line once trailed in from the southeast (from the National City Stockyards) and the former Venice & Carondelet Belt line from the former Southern Coapman Yard trails in from the east, with the former C&A Venice Yard now to the west (and the route of the former Big Four still between the former C&A and the former Wabash, which passes a location where an erstwhile TRRA connector turned east to that line's Brooklyn location, a bridge carrying a TRRA line overhead between the south end of that line's Madison Yard and the north end of its Wiggins Yard, the former? location of a bridge carrying the former St. Louis, Troy & Eastern west to the McKinley bridge and the former? location of an erstwhile Illinois Terminal Bridge heading east to that same bridge over the river.

The former Wabash line turns just east of due north, with the erstwhile Big Four route and the former C&A still alongside to the west, passing beneath the east approach to the TRRA Merchants Bridge, as all three routes curve around to the north-northeast, with the Melvin Price Army Depot off to the west, to the junction at WR Tower (MP 480.4), where the line from that depot trails in from the west, and the TRRA line coming north (on the east side) from SH Interlocking (at the east end of Merchants Bridge) trails in on the east side, there are crossovers on both directions, the former Big Four line is instantiated, there are some industrial spurs to the west and a former Alton & Eastern line splits away on the west side.