Gibson City to Manhattan

From the 5,736 ft. siding and junction (southwest and northwest quadrant connectors and flat crossing) with the former Nickel Plate, which is truncated to the east, and the Illinois Central Springfield line (east side connector and angled flat crossing, south of that with the former NKP) at Gibson City (MP 112.1), where Automatic Block Signals replace TC and the line turns north, maximum speed 40 mph, past a detector at MP 111.2, the end of Yard Limits at MP 109.7, Garber, MP 109, where the maximum speed rises to 50 mph, Sibley (MP 104.4), where the line turns just west of due north, the 6,957 ft. siding at Strawn (MP 99.4), and the flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing), later junction and end of track on this line, with the Bloomer Shippers Connecting Railroad (former IC) at Risk (MP 98.3).

There are 6,600 ft. north and 5,500 ft. south sidings, and a flat crossing (35 mph on the crossing) with the former Toledo, Peoria & Western at Forrest (MP 93.0), where the line turns north, Wing (MP 87.4), and the 4,454 ft. siding at Saunemin (MP 82.4), where the line turns north-northeast, a former flat crossing with an erstwhile Illinois Central line at Scovel, MP 80, where the maximum speed drops to 40 mph again, a detector at MP 77.8, Emington (MP 77.2), Campus (MP 72.2), Cardiff, where an erstwhile connector to the former New York Central once headed away north-northwest, the 6,159 ft. siding and flat crossing with former NYC Streator line at Reddick (MP 66.0), a former flat crossing with an erstwhile IC line at Unz, a former flat crossing with the erstwhile Kankakee & Seneca at Essex (MP 59.8), Horse Creek, MP 55, where the maximum speed drops to 30 mph, Custer Park (MP 54.2), a bridge over the Kankakee River, Ritchie, Ballou, Symerton (MP 47.0), the 5,091 ft. siding at Arsenal (MP 42.0), where a spur from the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant trails in from the west, a detector at MP 41.7, and Manhattan (MP 39.6), later the end of track (coming from Chicago) and end of Metra Southwestern service from Chicago.