Mitchell to Worden

From the flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the Alton & Southern at Mitchell (MP 474.7), where the former Chicago & Alton turns away north, on the west side of the A&S, the former Big Four continues north-northeast, and the former Wabash turns northeast, with an erstwhile Illinois Terminal line's routing alongside to the east/south, now single track, Traffic Control (CTC), maximum speed 60 mph, past the former IT right-of-way turning away, the yard at Poag Junction (MP 469.1), a turn east past Bluff Junction, where the erstwhile IT once bridged overhead and there was once a wye with an erstwhile Wabash branch on the south side and the line turns east-northeast, Edwardsville (MP 467.1), where the maximum speed is 50 mph and the line is Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, a turn northeast, a detector at MP 465.8, where the maximum speed has risen to 60 mph, a turn east-northeast past Carpenter (MP 460.5), and a turn northeast, with the former Litchfield & Madison (later C&NW) coming alongside to the east, past Worden (MP 456.2), where there was once an angled flat crossing with the IT, and all three lines bridge over the former Big Four/C&EI line passing below.