WR Tower to Mitchell

From the junction at WR Tower (MP 480.4), where the line from that depot trails in from the west, and the TRRA line coming north (on the east side) from SH Interlocking (at the east end of Merchants Bridge) trails in on the east side, there are crossovers on both directions, the former Big Four line is instantiated (as a joint double track with the C&A), there are some industrial spurs to the west and a former Alton & Eastern line splits away on the west side, the three line continue north-northeast, with the former Wabash now Double Track (for a total of four tracks), Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 35 mph, past Granite City (MP 480.2), where the maximum speed has risen to 60 mph and the huge Granite City Steel plant was once alongside to the east, with its own Granite City Steel Company (GCSX) line internal to the plant, a spur on the east side at 25th Street (MP 478.5), detectors at MP 477.7, where an erstwhile Illinois Terminal line comes alongside to the east, the former location of a bridge carrying an erstwhile IT line overhead, and the flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the Alton & Southern at Mitchell (MP 474.7), where the former Chicago & Alton/Big Four joint turns away north, on the west side of the A&S, the former Big Four "cutoff", now joint with the former C&EI, continues north-northeast, and the former Wabash turns northeast, with another erstwhile IT line's routing still alongside to the east/south.