Worden to Litchfield

From Worden (MP 456.2), with the former Litchfield & Madison (later C&NW) alongside to the east, where there was once an angled flat crossing with the IT, and all three lines bridge over the former Big Four/C&EI line passing below, with the former Wabash continuing north-northeast, single track, Track Warrant Control, Automatic Block Signals, maximum speed 60 mph, with the former L&M alongside to the east and the right-of-way of the erstwhile Illinois Terminal alongside to the west, past a detector at MP 454.5, an angled flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the former L&M at DeCamp (MP 452.1), as that line turns north (and an erstwhile branch continues alongside to the east), a spur at Staunton (MP 449.2), where an erstwhile IT line once turned away north from the other erstwhile IT line, continuing alongside to the west, and a short erstwhile branch on the former L&M once trailed into its erstwhile line from the south.

There is a 12,380 ft. siding at Karnes (MP 447.3), a spur at Mt. Olive (MP 444.6), where an erstwhile Illinois Central line once joined the erstwhile former L&M line from the south, a detector at MP 443.3, an angled flat crossing (40 mph on the crossing) with the former CB&Q Centralia line, coming from just east of due south and then running alongside to the west as the lines turn north, with the erstwhile IT line and erstwhile IC in between them, at Winston (MP 437.8), past the location where the erstwhile IT line turns away east (crossing the former Wabash on the flat), and a location where a former Big Four line once crossed the other lines on the flat, to a spur at Litchfield (MP 436.5), with a 50 mph speed restriction, where the former CB&Q turns away just west of due north, the erstwhile IC line once continued north, and the former Wabash turns north-northeast.