Selkirk Yard (CR: SE)

New York Central built Selkirk Yard in 1924, with two hump yards, one for eastbound and one for westbound traffic, each with a Receiving Yard, a Classification Yard, a Reclassification Yard, and an Advance Yard, having a total capacity of 11,000 cars, and rebuilt it between 1966 and 1968 with a single automated hump, with 11 reception tracks (1716 cars), 70 classification tracks (3680 cars) and 14 departure tracks, classifying 2500 cars per day (maximum 3200) in 1999. After eight years of Penn Central, and 23 years of Conrail ownership, the yard is now owned by CSX.

The yard is located on the Castleton Cutoff, the Albany bypass track, southwest of Albany, lcated west of Selkirk Junction "SK"/CP SK, and east of Feura Bush/CP FB.