Howells to Circle Connection

From the flat crossing with that NS line at Howell Tower (MP 2.9), where connectors turn north to meet with a former Seaboard Air Line track from Howells Yard, another connector from which trails in from the north, and turning south-southeast, along the east side of an NS track, to the flat crossing with the east leg of the NS wye at Tenth Street (MP 2.7), where the maximum speed rises to 30 mph, the Two Main Tracks, CTC, ABS, head south-southeast, southeast, and then just east of due south, all with the NS just to the west, past a crossover at Jones Avenue (MP 1.3), where the line edges away from the NS line to the west, the north leg of the wye (MP 0.9) on the west side connecting to NS Spring, where the maximum speed drops to 10 mph and the line curves southeast, past another crossover and a dual-ended spur at Thurmond Street (MP 0.8), to Circle Connection (MP 0.0/170.8), where the south leg of the wye from NS Spring trails in on the south side at the erstwhile location of Union Station.