La Grange to West Point

From the junction with the AB&C line from Manchester and beyond (Lineville sub.), trailing in on the east side, and start of the Dunson Lead, on the north side, at [La Grange] Lafayette Conn. (MP 69.1/816.1), where Two Main Tracks, CTC, ABS, start, with a 30 mph speed restriction on Track 1 and 45 mph on Track 2, an east-facing north-side spur off Track 2 (MP 816.5), the junction with the former AB&C towards Birmingham (Lineville sub.), on the north side at [La Grange] Main Street Conn. (MP 819.0/71.0), where single track resumes, with a north-facing west-side spur, and the end of CTC and resumption of TWC-DTC at MP 71.2, with the Dow Block, the line heads southwest, maximum speed 50 mph but local restriction 45 mph to MP 72.0, past a dual-ended west-side spur with three south-facing spurs for Moncrief Storage (MP 73.2), a detector at "La Grange" (MP 73.8), a south-facing west-side spur at MP 74.0, the south-facing east-side KC lead (MP 74.2), a south-facing east-side spur for Mobil Oil (MP 75.1), and the end of the Dow Block and start of the Gabbetsville Block at MP 75.4.

The line turns west-southwest, past Cannonville, southwest, past Gabbetsville, south, and then southwest again, past a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 84.9 to MP 86.0, a 25 mph speed restriction, from MP 86.0 to MP 87.0, over the Chattahoochee River Bridge, a bridge over a line from North West Point which trails in on the east side as a south-facing east-side spur, and the 4,845 ft. east-side siding, from NE Westpoint (MP 86.9), past the end of the Gabbetsville Block and start of the Westpoint Block at MP 87.0, a 40 mph speed restriction, from MP 87.0 to MP 89.5, after which full line speed prevails, a south-facing west-side spur at Wood Yard (MP 87.8), and a south-facing west-side spur at Storage Track (MP 88.1) to SE Westpoint (MP 88.8).