Avard to Enid

From Avard (MP 601.9), where the Santa Fe Transcon's Two Main Tracks, CTC continue northeast, a Frisco line to Enid and Tulsa heads east, single track, unsignaled, and thus speed limit 49 mph, past a 3,501 ft. siding at Avard, and Hopeton (MP 595.0), where there is a 44-car spur, turning southeast past Dacoma (MP 588.6), where there is a 94-car spur, and Augusta, where an erstwhile Rock Island line once crossed on the flat, turning east-southeast past Carmen (MP 580.5), where there is a 101-car spur, a flat crossing with the former Santa Fe (Kansas City, Mexico & Orient at MP 580.2, McWillie (MP 574.4), where there is a 68-car spur and the line turns east, a detector at MP 573.2, and Helena (MP 569.3), where there is a 93-car spur, turning east-southeast past Goltry (MP 562.8), where there is a 90-car spur, Walker, Carrier (MP 554.5), where there is a 73-car spur, and Jonah, turning southeast at Blanton (MP 548.2), where there is a junction with a Santa Fe branch from Kiowa (20 mph on the switch, to Enid (MP 545.4), where the line turns east, a line from Fort Worth trails in from the southwest, and there is a yard.