Enid to Perry

From Enid (MP 545.4), where the line turns east, a line from Fort Worth trails in from the southwest, and there is a yard, the single track, unsignaled, and thus speed limit 49 mph line, turns east-northeast, makes a flat crossing (20 mph on the crossing) with the Rock Island Fort Worth line (MP 544.2), with a northeast quadrant connector and turns east, past Steen (MP 543.1), where another connector from the Rock Island trails in on the north side, a Frisco line departs on the north side, a Santa Fe line continues east (MP 543.0), and the Perry sub, turns east-southeast, past Shea (MP 538.7), where there is a 36-car spur, Etna, Fairmont (MP 534.0), where there is a 72-car spur, a flat crossing (20 mph on the crossing) with that same Santa Fe line heading southeast (MP 533.3), Covington (MP 526.7), where there is a 110-car spur, and a dual-ended 40-car spur at Callahan (MP 525.3).

The line turns just south of due east, past Hayward, and turns north-northeast and then curvily east, with a 40 mph speed restriction from MP 519.3 to MP 519.24, past Lucien (MP 518.4), where there is an 89-car spur, a detector at MP 516.2, Gansel (MP 513.5), where there is a 23-car spur, a turn northeast, a 20 mph Head-End speed restriction from MP 509.15 to MP 507.15, through Perry, the 5,494 ft. siding at Perry (MP 508.8), and the connection with the Santa Fe Fort Worth to Arkansas City line at MP 508.7.