Mission to Cisco

From Mission (MP 87.3), the crossovers and wye junction with the line south to Sumas and west to Roberts Bank, the main line heads east-northeast, double track, ABS/OCS, leaving the river behind at Hatzic, past Dewdney, detectors at MP 80.1, crossovers at Suicide Creek (MP 79.9), Nicomen (MP 76.7), and Deroche, turning north past Squakum and east past crossovers at Harrison Mills (MP 69.0), over an interlocked drawbridge over the Lillooet River at MP 68.2, past Cheam, on the north bank of the Fraser River again, Magellan, Marconi, where it leaves the river bank, crossovers at Aggasiz (MP 58.9), turning northeast past detectors at MP 54.9, where the line rejoins the Fraser River and heads into the Fraser River Canyon, with the CN across the river all the way, past Waleach and the end of double track at Ruby Creek (MP51.7), where CTC begins on the single track line.

The line turns east past the 7,135 ft. siding at Katz (MP 44.9), and Haig (MP 40.5), and then turns north past the 7,032 ft. siding at Choate (MP 35.6), a detector at MP 32.5, the 7,175 ft. siding at Yale (MP 29.0), and then through ultra-scenic Hellís Gate, a narrow stretch of canyon with rapids where there is an aerial tramway carrying sightseers across the canyon, with the railroad line on a narrow ledge, well above the river, past the 7,170 ft. siding at Saddle Rock (MP 22.0), the 7,175 ft. siding at Spuzzum (MP 15.5), a detector at MP 10.9, and the 7,400 ft. siding at China Bar (MP 6.2), to the yard at North Bend (MP 0.0/121.5). Continuing north along the west wall of the canyon, the line passes the 7,160 ft. siding at Chaumox (MP 116.5), the 7,045 ft. siding at Keefers (MP 110.8), and the 7,170 ft. siding at Kanaka (MP 103.9).

At Cisco (MP 100.3), the railroads exchange sides of the Fraser River, the CP moving to the east side and the CN coming to the west on an arch bridge at a much higher level then the CP, with their bridges almost above one another. There is a connection between the lines at this point.