Saskatoon to Melville

From the passenger station at Saskatoon (MP 191.6), the single track, CTC, line heads east to Chappell Junction (MP 190.9), where the Warman sub. turns away north at a wye, and turns east-southeast, across the South Saskatchewan River, past the 19,000 ft. siding at Riverview (MP 189.4), with the Nutana Industrial Park on its north side, Newcross (MP 185.8), the other end of the siding, where the Craik sub. heads south, a detector at MP 178.3, the 6,260 ft. siding at Clavet (MP 174.3), the Esso Chemicals Spur at MP 170.2, the 6,420 ft. siding at Bradwell (MP 167.2), a detector at MP 162.1, the Allan Mines Spur on the north side at MP 160.1, the 7,380 ft. siding at Allan (MP 158.8), where there is a spur, the 6,270 ft. siding at Zelma (MP 151.6), a detector at MP 147.5, the Norco Spur to Central Canada Potash at MP 143.5, the 6,290 ft. siding at Young (MP 143.0), the 6,470 ft. siding at Xena (MP 135.5), and the yard at Watrous (MP 129.0), where a branch heads south and two tracks begin.

The line continues east-southeast, past Kitella, crossovers at MP 123.9, where a spur heads north, Berry (MP 122.2), where single track resumes, a detector at MP 120.1, the 6,470 ft. siding at Undora (MP 114.1), the crossing with the CP Lanigan sub. at MP 106.5, the 6,500 ft. siding at Nokomis (MP 106.2), and the 6,270 ft. siding at Tate (MP 97.2). The line turns east-northeast at a detector at MP 93.2, east at the 5,280 ft. siding at Booth (MP 87.3), east-southeast at the 6,470 ft. siding at Raymore (MP 82.9), east at the 6,270 ft. siding at Quinton (MP77.6), past a detector at MP 71.2, and south-southeast at the 9,300 ft. siding at Touchwood (MP 65.6), past the 6,270 ft. siding at Leross (MP 52.7), a detector at MP 43.4, the 6,290 ft. siding at Jasmin (MP 42.4), the 6,270 ft. siding at Hubbard (MP 28.4), the 6,460 ft. siding at Goodeve (MP 18.8), a detector at MP 16.5, the 6,270 ft. siding at Fenwood (MP 12.1), Bailey (MP 3.3), where two tracks begin again, Birmingham Junction, where the Quapelle sub. trails in from the west-southwest, and Melville (MP 0.0).