When we were Young and Steam was King (in the UK)

Train trips in school and university days in England

Cold Days in Short Trousers

[Illustrated] Day excursions from Hull for trainspotting and otherwise observing trains

Hornsea and Withernsea

From Hull to the seaside at Hornsea and Withernsea

Family Holidays by Train

[Illustrated] A few family holidays in the middle 1950s, when we went further afield than just Scarborough, but did not yet have a car.

+ A trip from Hull to Grimsby and Cleethorpes by Ferry and Train

School Trips by Train

[Illustrated] Trips to France and to Cadet Corps Camps in Yorkshire and Scotland

Scotland by Road

A family holiday in Scotland has some rail interest

Further Afield by Ourselves

[Illustrated] Longer trips from Hull, at least one overnight, to places of railway interest

West Country and London

A family holiday by car to Cornwall and then the London area has some rail interest

Trips by Train in University Days

[Illustrated] Train journeys to and from both work location and university location (Southampton)

Salzburg and Vienna, 1966

[Illustrated] A holiday in Salzburg (for the Salzburg Festival) and Vienna with travel by train from Hull to Salzburg and Vienna back to Hull