Alliance to Lincoln

From Emerson (MP 365.9), east apex of the wye, where double track resumes, in Yard Limits  with the Alliance yard to the south of the main line, Alliance (MP 365.6), and crossovers at East Alliance (MP 364.0), where the speed limit rises to 20 mph, and then to 60 mph as 2MT, CTC, resume, the line heads east, past additional track at Koester's (MP 363.2), detectors at MP 362.8, crossovers at Crossover 361.8 (MP 361.8), additional track at Swepco (MP 359.9), crossovers and detectors at Birdsell (MP 358.9), additional track on the north side for Trinity Railcar at Trinity (MP 358.4), a turn curvily just south of due east, crossovers at Crossover 354.8 (MP 354.8), detectors at MP 354.7, Antioch (MP 349.2), where the 2MT reduce to single track, CTC, a detector at MP 349.2, a detector at MP 344.0, Lakeside (MP 344.0), where 2MT, CTC, resume, crossovers at Crossover 339.4 (MP 339.4), detectors at MP 338.1, the 8,737 ft. siding at Ellsworth (MP 333.9), where single track, CTC started again until December 25, 2010, when 2MT, CTC, opened, a detector at MP 333.9, and (a) detector(s) at MP 330.4.

The Two Main Tracks, CTC, resumed (until December, 2010) at Bingham (MP 324.8), where there is a detector, and the line continues curvily east past crossovers at Crossover 320.2 (MP 320.2), detectors at MP 320.1, Ashby (MP 314.5), where single track, CTC, starts again, a detector at MP 314.5, a detector at MP 309.0, Hyannis (MP 306.9), where 2MT, CTC, resume, detectors at MP 304.5, detectors and crossovers at Crossover 300.1 (MP 300.1), detectors at MP 295.1, Whitman (MP 292.8), crossovers at Crossover 291.1 (MP 291.1), detectors at MP 286.3, Weir, crossovers at Crossover 283.8 (MP 283.8), detectors at MP 280.5, Hecla (MP 279.3), crossovers at Crossover 273.9 (MP 273.9), detectors at MP 268.5, Mullen (MP 267.3), where single track, CTC, intervened again (until December, 2010, when 2MT opened), (a) detector(s) at MP 264.9, (a) detector(s) at MP 261.2, and Seneca (MP 259.3), where the 2MT, CTC, resumed until December, 2010.

The line turns southeast past detectors at MP 258.5 and crossovers at Crossover 254.2 (MP 254.2), south past Norway and detectors at MP 252.4, curvily east past detectors at MP 248.9, crossovers at Crossover 247.0 (MP 247.0), additional track at Thetford (MP 243.6), and detectors at MP 241.1, curvily east-southeast past crossovers at Crossover 237.3 (MP 237.3), detectors at MP 235.3, additional track at Natick (MP 235.2), detectors and crossovers at Crossover 229.9 (MP 229.9), detectors at MP 225.9, Halsey (MP 223.9), where another stretch of single track, CTC, intervenes, a detector at MP 221.1, a detector at MP 216.3, and Dunning (MP 214.4), where 2MT, CTC, resumes, curvily south-southeast past detectors and crossovers at Crossover 210.0 (MP 210.0), Linscott (MP 205.5), where the line singles once again, a detector at MP 205.5, a detector at MP 200.5, a detector at Anselmo (MP 195.7), where 2MT resume, detectors at MP 190.1, crossovers at Crossover 186.5 (MP 186.5), and Merna (MP 185.0), after which it turns curvily southeast.

There are detectors at MP 184.9, detectors at MP 180.9, detectors at MP 178.4, Broken Bow (MP 176.3), where there is a 40 mph speed restriction, crossovers at Fair (MP 175.0), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, detectors at MP 173.3, additional track at Ansley (MP 170.0), crossovers at Crossover 169.8 (MP 169.8), detectors at MP 168,1, Berwyn (MP 165.1), where a short stretch of single track intervenes, a detector at MP 161.7, a detector at MP 156.5, Mason (MP 155.0), where 2MT resume, detectors and crossovers at Crossover 150.6 (MP 150.6), detectors at MP 146.7, crossovers at Crossover 144.6 (MP 144.6), Litchfield (MP 144.3), and detectors at MP 141.4, a turn just east of due south, crossovers at Crossover 138.3 (MP 138.3), Hazard (MP 137.8), a turn southeast, detectors and additional track at Sweetwater (MP 133.2), a turn east-southeast, and a bridge over the South Loup River.

The line turns east past West Ravenna (MP 128.3), the crossover and yard at Ravenna (MP 127.7), where there is a 20 mph speed restriction and an erstwhile UP branch once crossed, crossovers at Nantasket (MP 125.1), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, just south of due east, past detectors at MP 121.8, St. Michael (MP 119.7), and detectors at MP 116.6, east-southeast, past detectors at MP 111.8, Cairo (MP 111.5), crossovers at Crossover 109.6 (MP 109.6), detectors at MP 107.3, Abbott (MP 104.7), a spur trailing in on the south side from the Cornhusker Ordnance Plant at CoPlant (MP 103.5), detectors at MP 102.7, McDonald (MP 99.2), where there is another stretch of single track, and a detector at MP 97.9, just east of due south past Grand Island (MP 97.8), where there is a 45 mph speed restriction, a bridge carrying the UP Overland Route overhead, an erstwhile spur to the west as the line turns east-southeast, a connector from the UP Grand Island Yard trailing in on the north side at Monfort (MP 94.8), East Grand Island (MP 94.4), where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, and additional track at Trail (MP 93.6).

There is a bridge over the Platte River, a turn to the east, a detector at MP 90.3, Phillips (MP 88.9), where 2MT resume, a turn just south of due east, detectors at MP 85.4, additional track at JAMS (MP 83.8), crossovers at Murphy (MP 83.3), Curry (MP 82.2), detectors at MP 80.1, the junction with former CB&Q branches trailing in from the southwest and the north at Aurora (MP 78.5), where single track starts again and the line turns east, CP 767 (MP 76.7), a detector at MP 74.0, the 7,160 ft. siding at Hampton (MP 71.3), a detector at MP 68.2, additional track at Belpert Brothers (MP 66.8), CP 666 (MP 66.6), where 2MT resume, Bradshaw, additional track at High Plains (MP 58.8), detectors at MP 58.6, the junction with a branch from Benedict trailing in from the north at York (MP 55.9), where there is a 45 mph speed restriction and that branch once continued south.

The line turns northeast, east again where an erstwhile Chicago & Northwestern line once crossed, past detectors at MP 52.6, where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, crossovers at Crossover 50.3 (MP 50.3), Waco (MP 49.9), detectors at MP 49.1, additional track at Ficke (MP 46.5), detectors at MP 45.0, Utica (MP 44.7), detectors at MP 40.1, crossovers at Crossover 40.0 (MP 40.0), Tamora (MP 36.6), where single track starts again, a detector at MP 34.7, a former crossing with another erstwhile C&NW line, the junction with the former CB&Q line from Fremont and Sioux City, coming from the north at Seward (MP 27.8), where 2MT resume and the line turns just east of due south, detectors at MP 26.8, crossovers at Crossover 24.4 (MP 24.4), Ruby, detectors at MP 22.7, and Milford (MP 20.3), where single track starts again and there is a 45 mph speed restriction on the sharp curve east.

There is a detector at MP 17.5, where the speed limit is back to 60 mph, a turn east-northeast, Pleasant Dale (MP 14.6), where 2MT resume, crossovers at Crossover 11.0 (MP 11.0), a turn northeast past detectors at MP 10.9, east northeast past crossovers at Emerald (MP 6.1), southeast past detectors at MP 4.6, east past the crossovers, junction and flat crossing with the BNSF line coming northeast from Cobb at Cushman (MP 4.3), where Yard Limits begin, with a 20 mph speed limit, with Hobson Yard in the center and through tracks with on-line fueling racks on both sides of the yard, Lincoln Terminal (MP 1.9), the crossovers and wye junction with the line south to Kansas City at Carling (MP 1.0), with the line from McCook making a flat crossing in the middle of the turn, and a turn northeast, past the crossovers and junction with the McCook line and an east leg of the wye with the Kansas City line at Hall (MP 0.4), where there is also a flat crossing with a UP north-south line, a turn north, and the passenger station at Lincoln (MP 0.0), with the brick depot on the east side of the line.