Amtrak Trains 43 & 44, Pennsylvanian

Amtrak's Pennsylvanian began service on April 27, 1980. From November 7, 1998, until February 10,2003, it was extended to Chicago, using the route via Cleveland.

Pittsburgh to CP Bloom

CP Bloom to Union Junction

Union Junction to ConPit

ConPit to Harrisburg

Harrisburg to Royalton

Royalton to Parkesburg

Zoo Interlocking (Philadelphia) to Parkesburg

Zoo Interlocking to 30th Street (Philadelphia)

The train was extended to New York on October 30, 1983, ending October 24, 1998, and resuming February 10, 2003.

Zoo Interlocking to North Philadelphia

North Philadelphia to Frankford Junction

Frankford Junction to Trenton

Rahway to Trenton

Hunter to Rahway

Kearney Connection to Hunter

Penn Station (New York City) to Kearney Connection

Penn Station (New York City)