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Train Trips, Railroad Infrastructure and Traffic Data
Descriptions of train trips I have taken:
These descriptions, with varying amounts of detail cover just about all of the major train trips I have taken, first in England, then extending to the whole of the United Kingdom and into Europe, and later in the United States and the rest of North America, with return trips to the United Kingdom and Europe. Every trip that has lasted at least overnight is covered, along with the vast majority of the non-routine, or non-local trips, that have lasted only a single day.

UK Train Trips in Steam Days

NRHS Convention Trips

Other North American Train Trips

Later Trips to the UK and Europe

My Background

I was born and raised in England, taking the first train trip that I can remember in 1949, and continuing to live in England until 1966. In September of that year I moved to the United States, living in Cincinnati until June 1970 and then in Greater Los Angeles until July 2004. I now reside in Tehachapi, California, in a house overlooking the tracks over the famed Tehachapi Pass some six miles southeast of Tehachapi Loop

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