Sunset Route

Downtown Los Angeles

Sunset Route to Colton

Beaumont Hill

Indio to Wellton

Wellton to Picacho

Picacho to Tucson

Tucson to Deming

Deming to El Paso

El Paso to Sierra Blanca

Sierra Blanca to Alpine

Alpine to San Antonio

San Antonio to Flatonia

Flatonia to Rosenburg

Rosenburg to Houston (West Junction)

Houston Terminal (West Junction to Dawes)

Houston (Lyons to Belt Junction)

Houston (Belt Junction to Gulf Coast Junction)

Houston (Dawes) to Beaumont (ex-SP line)

Houston (Gulf Coast Junction) to Beaumont (ex-MP line)

Beaumont to Orange (TX)

Orange (TX) to Lake Charles and Iowa Junction (LA)

Iowa Junction to Avondale

Avondale (West Bridge Junction) to East Bridge Junction

East Bridge Junction to New Orleans (NOUPT)