Broadway Route

CP 501 to Bucyrus

Bucyrus to Massilion

Massillion to Alliance

Alliance to Homewood Junction

Homewood Junction to Rochester

Rochester to Island Avenue

Island Avenue to CP Bloom

CP Bloom to Union Junction

Union Junction to ConPit

ConPit to Harrisburg

Harrisburg to Royalton

Royalton to Parkesburg

Zoo Interlocking (Philadelphia) to Parkesburg

After the formation of Conrail and the transfer of the Keystone Line (Harrisburg to Philadelphia) to Amtrak, freight traffic was moved to routings via Reading, to be found in the index:

The Pennsylvania Railroad's, and successors' traffic for Baltimore and Washington DC turned south in the Harrisburg area, using the lines along the Susquehanna River to access the Northeast Corridor line at Perryville:

CP Hip to CP Shocks via Enola

CP Harris to CP Shocks

CP Shocks to CP Cola

CP Cola to Perryville