Water-Level Route

Englewood to CP 509/River Junction

CP 509/River Junction to Hammond-Whiting

Hammond-Whiting to CP 506

CP 506 to CP 501 and Pine Junction

Pine Junction to Porter

Porter to Elkhart

Elkhart to Airline Junction (Toledo)

Airline Junction to East Toledo

East Toledo to Berea

Berea to CP 181 (Cleveland)

CP 181 to Collinwood (Cleveland)

Collinwood to Ashtabula

Ashtabula to Carroll Street (Buffalo)

Carroll Street (Buffalo) to Chili Junction

Chili Junction to Fairport (Rochester)

Fairport to Syracuse

Syracuse to Hoffmans

Hoffmans to Rensselaer

Hoffmans to Selkirk Junction

Selkirk Junction to CP SM, Port Road Junction, and Stuyvesant

Selkirk Junction to Kingston

Kingston to Newburgh

North Bergen to Cornwall/Newburgh

Jersey City to North Bergen