Burlington Northern Transcon

Portland to Spokane (ex-SP&S and ex-NP)

Portland to Vancouver (WA)

Vancouver (WA) to Wishram

Wishram to Pasco

Pasco to Spokane

Seattle to Spokane (ex-GN)

Seattle to Everett

Everett to Spokane

Spokane to Chicago (ex-GN, ex-NP, and ex-CB&Q)

Spokane to Sandpoint

Sandpoint to Shelby

Shelby to Snowden

Snowden to Minot/Surrey

Minot/Surrey to Surrey Junction

Surrey Junction to Fargo

Since the Burlington Northern merger of 1970, the ex-GN line between Fargo and the Twin Cities has been downgraded (although still a Main Line, it cannot handle multi-level autoracks and full-height double-stack cars) in favor of the ex-NP between those points:


Fargo to Staples

Staples to Coon Creek

Coon Creek to University

University to Westminster


Fargo to Breckenridge

Breckenridge to Benson

Benson to Willmar

Willmar to Lyndale Junction (MInneapolis)

Lyndale Junction to Minneapolis Junction

University to Minneapolis Junction

Minneapolis Junction to St. Anthony

St. Anthony to Westminster

Westminster to Hoffman Avenue


Hoffman Avenue to Newport

Newport to St. Croix Junction

St. Croix Junction to La Crosse

La Crosse to East Dubuque

East Dubuque to Portage

Portage to Savanna

Savanna to Galesburg

Savanna to Aurora

Eola to Aurora

La Grange to Eola

Cicero to La Grange

Western Avenue to Cicero